Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mitchell's Annual Camel Races

The Annual Camel Races and Ute Show was held today at the Mitchell Showgrounds. After a fine warm day yesterday, today was, unfortunately, quite wet; however, that didn't stop the crowd enjoying the Calcutta Race program, Ute show, wheelie bin and hoop races for the kids, hot food, ice creams and the bar.

This annual event recognizes and celebrates the camel's role in opening up vast areas of outback Australia, Mitchell included. Old photographs taken in the 18oo's show strings of camels hauling huge loads of wool through the newly established township of Mitchell and over the Maranoa River at the old crossing -- to markets on the east coast. On their return trek, the camel trains brought provisions for the new settlers.

Camels, with their soft feet, their ability to haul loads on limited water intake and diet of rough native grasses and shrubs are superior to horses in their endurance.

Today Mitchell celebrated camels and their part in our history.


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