Wednesday, August 10, 2011

His feet on the roof of the car

We have always actively discouraged our dogs from jumping on people, and putting their feet up on gates and fences. Occasionally though, there slip-ups and today was one of those days.

A gate was left open -- accidentally -- and when Doug drove into our yard with Del in the back of the car, I'd just returned from taking Major for a walk along Maranoa River. Major ran towards the car, so Doug stopped. Whereupon, Major put his front feet up onto the roof of our Ford station wagon and then lowered his head to look in through the window at Doug.

Everyone comments about Major's large size, however, today demonstrated just how very large he is. He looked enormous with his feet on the roof: as enormous as the two Great Danes we used to have.

As I don't want Major to make a habit of this behaviour, I can't include a photo of him with his feet up on the roof of the car. A general shot of him relaxing in dappled sunshine will have to suffice.

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