Monday, August 1, 2011

Roma, 89 km east of Mitchell -- outback Queensland

Today's trip to Roma was primarily planned around a medical appointment; however, we were able to do other things such as visit the library and art gallery. In this busy mining town you can buy almost anything, so we did a big shop as well.

Jude Roberts (along with Amy Cochrane and Kathleen Hunt) had an art exhibition in the Roma on Bungil Gallery. Jude's paintings are modern and abstract -- inspired by the artesian basin. Many years ago, Jude created the charming mosaics that are set into the pavement up and down the main street in Mitchell. The mosaics are of native birds and animals, fish and historic images.

While coming out of the gallery we met a man carrying a life-sized model to his car and then placing it carefully in the boot. The female model showed the effects of domestic violence and is part of a travelling exhibition heading out west to other outback towns. Education and prevention are the aims of this exhibition.

Before heading off to the shops-- and to take the nasty taste from our mouths-- we crossed the road to enjoy excellent coffee.

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