Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cat up a tree overhanging river

Although I love cats -- especially Katie my 14-year-old Siamese -- I don't like the way feral cats and other people's cats kill native birds. Therefore, we allow our two German shepherds to chase any cat that steps into our garden.

For the last month or so a cat from up the road has been teasing Major and Del through the fence, causing our dogs to bark hysterically. This was becoming a problem, noise-wise; however, yesterday Del took the situation into her own hands and chased the cat down to the Maranoa River and out onto a branch overhanging the water. Here the cat stayed for at least an hour or so.

Today the cat has kept well clear of our place and hopefully will have learned not to tease our dogs.

Katie is an indoors cat and both our dogs adore her. As far as they are concerned Katie is not a cat! As I write, Katie is on my lap purring loudly and kneading my jacket like a kitten. She has never forgotten the fact she was the runt of a large litter and had to battle to get a feed. By 10 p.m. she'll be yowling to tell us to come to bed, where she sleeps between us, her head on my pillow.

The photos shows Katie in her favourite sun porch overlooking the Maranoa River, and Del the cat chaser relaxing in bed.

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