Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blogging at Mitchell State School

A few weeks ago I began teaching at Mitchell State School -- as a volunteer. I have a group of eight students from years five to seven; boys and girls. The aim is to teach improved writing skills through the medium of blogging.

Today I set up their individual blogs, which put me out of my comfort zone -- for two reasons. Firstly, although I blog myself I find unfamiliar computers a bit confronting, especially as I use a left-hand mouse at home. Secondly, it was an exacting task to make sure each student followed the procedure and typed in their correct details.

Several of the students were a huge help in solving computer problems and helping others in the group. Consequently, we achieved our goal and all students now have their own blog, along with a brief biography -- online. Next week we will write our first blogs!

The water tower watches over the school.

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