Sunday, November 27, 2011

Final leg of our 'migration': Central VIC to Phillip Island

As we approached Melbourne I found myself feeling regret: regret at leaving behind the wide open spaces and warmth of outback Queensland; regret at leaving our home, friends and community in Mitchell. On the other hand, I looked forward to seeing the island and the sea.

For seven months my mind's been lulled by the outback to a slower more peaceful state. Consequently Melbourne -- shrouded in smog and dense with traffic, people and 'stuff' -- was a culture shock. Eventually though, we passed through the city and headed down the South Gippsland Highway to Phillip Island and our other reality.

It's always a thrill to cross the bridge connecting the island to the mainland, and from here it's a half hour drive to our part of the island on the north-west corner.

Our house and garden were all in good shape, except for shoulder high thistles in several garden beds. The dogs were in ecstasy chasing rabbits in amongst the shrubs and trees. But all Katie wanted to do was settle in an armchair in her sun room and sleep.

Once we'd had a general look around, we headed for the beach with the dogs. I'll show you our beach tomorrow!

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