Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Washing done: beach walk reward

Today was hot (28°C) with a strong warm northerly wind -- ideal for washing, airing and cleaning up after our 'migration' trip and time away from Phillip Island. A cool change hit the coast at about 6 p.m.; however, all the washing was dry and put away and we'd had our walk.

The dogs adore the beach and once off the lead, rush straight into the water, with Major yapping excitedly. We are content to walk, just a fraction above where the waves break and the sand is firm. It's got to be a lot hotter than 28°C for me to be tempted to swim!

The boardwalk linking the car park to the beach is brand new, and passes over and through the mutton bird rookery. This way people and dogs can't accidentally disturb the breeding birds. The boardwalk is very well built, with some of the cypress pine coming from mills near Mitchell. What a lovely link between Phillip Island and outback Queensland.

The steep steps will be bad news for anyone with a disability or parents with a baby in a pram, but for the rest of us it provides good cardiovascular exercise.

Previously, a narrow sandy track wound its way through the coastal scrub and rookery, providing an easier more pleasant walk. I can, however, see that with increasing numbers of people using the track, erosion was a problem and mutton bird burrows were being damaged.

So it gets back to the age-old problem of too many people!

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