Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mitchell outback Qld to Lightning Ridge NSW

Our departure from Mitchell coincided with the falling of soft welcome rain and a comfortable temperature of around 25°C. This is in marked contrast to the past few weeks when Mitchell was consistently hot and dry -- with the temperature up to 40°C and bush fires burning fiercely.

Groups of emus grazed the verge between Mitchell and St George, strutting away from our oncoming vehicle; necks outstretched, feathery skirts flapping.

As the kilometres slip by, my mind adjusts to the fact of our leaving Mitchell -- heading south to Phillip Island. It's a complete lifestyle change and a difficult transition in many ways; however, I believe change sweeps the cobwebs from my mind, gives me new focus.

Over the Queensland / New South Wales border and into northern New South Wales: after five hours on the road we've arrived in Lightning Ridge, the opal capital of the world.

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