Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ladies' Day Treat: Mitchell Outback Qld

The lady retailers of Mitchell held a special ladies shopping day this morning -- Sunday morning. This event was a treat for the ladies of Mitchell and surrounding countryside, with bargains, drinks, chocolates, nibbles and many other tempting offers.

From shop to shop the ladies strolled, laden with bags and full of the buzz that a good dose of shopping therapy can give.

Poppy' s Boutique was crowded as I entered, with shoppers keen to try on and buy the quality clothes Katrina has on offer. From Poppy's I stopped off at the Mitchell Craft Centre, then on to Lemon Pie Gifts where Krystal offered frozen strawberry cocktails and a huge assortment of quality gift-ware.

My next port of call was the Mitchell Newsagency, and then finally the Mitchell Cafe where Janelle served high tea in her newly decorated shop. Janelle has the gift of serving customers with natural grace and friendliness, as if each and every one of us were guests in her home.

Sunday shopping for ladies is a new Mitchell experience that turned out exceptionally well for both the retailers and their enthusiastic customers, with most ladies dressed up for a morning out on the town.

Janelle's high tea at the cafe was a lovely social occasion in itself, rounding off what was, for most ladies, a good dose of shopping therapy.

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