Monday, November 14, 2011

A frog visits our renovated bathroom: Mitchell outback Qld

Our bathroom has undergone a renovation that has left it looking spacious, clean and definitely improved. Doug did the tiling (his first experience and he says his last!) and painting, and we added a new toilet, vanity unit, light fitting, towel rails, and mirror. The blue bath and black-and-white tiled floor remain untouched, except for a thorough clean.

Nearly always there's a green tree frog in residence: but how they get in is a mystery. Usually we relocate them to a moist place in the garden but some return -- like homing pigeons to their loft.

What amazes me about frogs is that they allow us to pick them up, and will sit quietly on our hand; whereas, if they see Katie our cat, they cry out in alarm.

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