Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mitchell State School Volunteer Award Presentation in Roma

Education Queensland invited Doug and me to attend a Volunteers Award Presentation Ceremony at the White Bull Tavern at 4 p.m. -- in Roma on Thursday.

Ten volunteers was selected from schools in the Roma, Wandoan, Surat and Mitchell areas. Each volunteer received a certificate of appreciation, a box of chocolates and a handshake 'for outstanding volunteer service to their school community'. We were privileged to be the chosen volunteers from Mitchell.

During the afternoon tea that followed the presentation we enjoyed talking to various people; especially to organiser Kate Cover, our acting Mitchell School Principal Elaine, and fellow volunteer Tanya Thompson, from Surat.

As Roma is our largest service centre (one hour's drive east of Mitchell) we took the opportunity to do some shopping and banking. Driving home into the glare of the setting sun was difficult but at least the kangaroos were not grazing the roadside grasses -- it was a bit too early for them to be out and about.

There's a lot of cropping around Roma with much of it being harvested at present. Vast acres of golden grain, heavily laden road trains, silos and 'mountains' of wheat suggest a profitable year for all concerned.

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