Sunday, November 13, 2011

John and Honey at the Courthouse Pub: Mitchell outback Qld

The Courthouse Pub is a favourite 'watering hole' for John and his horse Honey.

Honey is 23 years old and John's constant companion. Whether it's relaxing on John's verandah in the afternoons, having a drink with friends at The Courthouse Pub, walking up Mitchell's main shopping strip, or strolling along the Maranoa River to the Major Mitchell Caravan Park, John and Honey are well-known and popular, both locally and around the world.

Travellers who stay in Mitchell soak away their aches, pains and tensions in our Great Artesian Spa, and often meet up with John and Honey -- discover yet another hidden outback gem.

The empathy that flows between man and horse is extraordinary. They are as one.

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