Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mitchell country seen through Aboriginal eyes: outback

A striking exhibition opened in Mitchell on Saturday, at the Maranoa Gallery.

What makes this exhibition unique is the fact that it's amateur photography from local Aboriginal people with limited camera experience.

Titled Gungarri Dunthee: Mitchell Country, the images reflect the beauty and diversity of Gungarri country, and the effect of country on Aboriginal lore and culture.

This exhibition was shown at the State Library of Queensland where it won several awards. Its homecoming to Mitchell was a well-attended event where afternoon tea was served and conversation flowed freely about the images and their meaning.

What impressed me most of all was the striking nature of the photos. Close-ups of river red gum trunks, leaves and smooth river stones -- -- -- --.

I left the gallery inspired to use my own camera more creatively. But isn't this what an exhibition is all about: motivating people to stretch their talents, take chances and free up their creative juices?

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