Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marimba Celebration: Mitchell outback Qld

Like apostlebirds we're a group of twelve, and like apostlebirds we're a happy friendly group. Therefore, when our marimba group met at The Courthouse, last night, to celebrate yet another successful marimba year, it was a happy affair.

A vibrant dragonfly painting -- created by the artist Loretta Thomas -- was presented to our marimba teacher Joy Foott, in recognition of her generosity and enthusiasm in leading our adult marimba band : Mitchell's River Rhythms. Under Joy's expert guidance we are coaxed to achieve ever higher, yet always in an atmosphere of fun.

Certificates were given to Joy's husband Bruce who helps in the transport of marimbas to venues where our group performs; and also to Joy's son Darcy, who is our expert drummer. Karen Wolski was the creator of these unique certificates.

The Courthouse cat also attended our table, rubbing against select people and then getting on with the serious business of grooming itself beneath the table. This is one very sleek and sociable cat enjoying yet another happy event held at this popular Mitchell pub.

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