Friday, November 25, 2011

Forgotten salt; spiders, bull ants and frogs

So far, the sole item missing from our luggage has been salt, and that was discovered only when our evening meal of steak and vegetables was nearly ready to be served. I admit I like salt, and plenty of it, so its absence was a disappointment.

The Lightning Ridge supermarket has an extraordinarily wide and excellent range of products: especially gluten-free and organic, fruit and veg., deli. and breads. Therefore salt was easy to buy. The Lightning Ridge newsagent sells newspapers from countries all over the world, a reflection of the population who work in this opal mining town located in northern inland New South Wales.

A bull ant, a green tree frog and a large black spider that fell out of my towel and landed on my foot, combined to make last night's shower at Lightning Ridge eventful.

The caravan park here at Gilgandra is well-known for its spacious green lawns and magnificent trees, especially huge lemon-scented gums. Although the caravan parks we're staying at are pet friendly, animals are not allowed in the cabins. Therefore, the photo shows Katie Siamese set up in the front of the ute for the night. She is surprisingly happy about this arrangement and appears comfortable and secure.

The two dogs sleep in the back of the ute, and although they look crowded, in actual fact they are not. Frequent walks give them plenty of exercise and they have each other for company. In any case it's only four nights.

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