Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mungallala Cultural Evening:outback Qld

The small township of Mungallala is located on the Warrego Highway, between Mitchell and Charleville. From Mitchell, it takes about three quarters of an hour to drive to Mungallala, in a westerly direction -- away from the coast.

Mungallala has a pub, school, police station, fire brigade, hall and a population of under 100 people. Arid grazing country surrounds the town. This is red dirt country: cattle country.

Culture and the arts are considered important in this community. Consequently, the Mungallala Cultural Evening (held at the local hall on Friday) was well attended and offered wine, cheese and olive tasting, as well as other drinks and gourmet delights.

As people socialised, they took time to wander around the hall which was tastefully decorated with an exhibition of local arts and crafts. An extraordinary range of creative works were on display with all age groups contributing to the success of the exhibition.

Although remote, art and culture are alive and well in this part of outback Queensland.

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