Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colour and promises of things to come

Although our Phillip Island garden is easy care and requires no watering over the summer period, nevertheless it is still productive and full of colour.

The blue of the agapanthus mirrors the sea; bright red geraniums remind me of window boxes in Italy; and grevillea flowers attract New Holland honeyeaters and wattle birds to sip the sweet nectar.

Our lemon tree is the best we've ever grown and is laden with golden fruit, and Doug's five fig trees have both tiny and mature fruit nestled in amongst large rough textured leaves. My olive tree has matured into a well-shaped tree with tiny fruit in amongst its silvery foliage.

The grass is thick, spongy kikuya which is ideal for the dogs -- none of the dust and burrs of Mitchell. On the other hand though, sand flies live in the green blades and whenever the dogs sprawl out on the grass, they get bitten and itch badly.

Things are seldom perfect, are they?

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