Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shipping on Western Port Bay: Phillip Island

Even on cold blustery days when beach walks lose their appeal, the view of Western Port Bay -- as seen from our lounge room -- offers variety and interest.

The Seal Rocks ferry makes a daily (twice or three times daily in the peak tourist season) trip between Cowes and Seal Rocks.

Sea kayaks, yachts, oil tankers, gas ships, oil rigs, bulk steel cargo ships -- all these and more move across our seascape.

Today I've played my guitar, seen an oil tanker pass by, experimented with my new watercolour paints, had two long conversations with friends on the phone, been for a walk along the beach with the dogs, found some unusual shells -- and I've done some housework as well! Nothing very dramatic; just a pleasant day at home.

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