Monday, December 5, 2011

Reminders of childhood: linking past and present

When I was growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, the times we spent at our family holiday house (on the Mornington Peninsula at Blairgowrie back beach) let me be myself, let me experience of the delights of the coast.

In Melbourne I existed: at the seaside I felt myself expand.

Wandering down our Phillip Island beach track today I saw clematis seeds clustered in amongst tea tree. I saw the long silvery plumed tails, each containing a seed. Suddenly I was a five-year-old, and the fluffy seeds were fairies -- -- -- --.

Further down the track blue berry rushes (Tasman flax-lily) were ripe with buds and a few blue flowers. In a month or so these will develop into bright blue berries.

A coprosma caught my attention with its round shiny leaves. My brothers often used their leaves to whistle lively tunes -- -- --.

Past, present and future all rolled into one. Mostly though I try to live in the moment.

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