Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our Christmas Day: Phillip Island

Happy Christmas to all my friends.

Among our wide group of friends and family we see many different ways of celebrating Christmas. Some people help provide community Christmas dinners; some give gifts such as goats to overseas aid organisations; some buy all their gifts from Op shops with nothing costing over $10; some invite neighbours to join them for Christmas dinner; some give a donation to a charity -- there are many, many ways of helping people less fortunate than ourselves.

Our Christmas meals are no different to our usual meals. My very limited diet means I can't eat a traditional Christmas dinner and Doug chooses not to eat that sort of food. Neither of us feels left out or deprived in any way. We have all that we need and desire: we realise we are privileged to live where we live, and in Australia.

This morning we enjoyed coffee, gluten-free cake and spirited conversation with our Jewish friends Owen and Jade. Which reminds me of the jade plant I have growing in a pot by our front door. This plant is symbolic of friendship: it welcomes people to our home.

On Christmas day, phone calls to family and friends, as well as Christmas cards and letters keeps us in touch with a wide variety of people from all over Australia and around the world. For us, this is the best part of Christmas.

I'll include a couple of photos that show ripple effects on sand -- at our beach. I love the way waves carve ripples into the sand. This is my Christmas day gift to you.


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