Monday, December 12, 2011

People housing to penguin housing: Phillip Island

The Little penguins on Phillip Island provide Victoria with one of its most popular tourist attractions, with the penguins attracting at least 500,000 tourists and adding more than $107 million to the state's economy, annually.

Fortunately for the penguins, people recognize their economic value and go to great efforts to preserve this natural asset. One of the things that has happened on the island recently is a large-scale residential property buyback of land within the penguin colony. Private homes have been either pulled down or relocated and in their place, artificial penguin burrows have been built and natural vegetation planted to create a natural habitat attractive to the penguins.

Phillip Island has set aside 20 per cent of its land mass for the penguins.

The Phillip Island Nature Park is dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of the Phillip Island penguin colony through careful management, education and research. Every cent spent at the Penguin Parade assists in its operation and supports Phillip Island's unique wildlife.

There's nothing quite as cute as penguins dressed in their dinner suits, waddling ashore at dusk.

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