Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve at Grossard Pt: Phillip Is.

Every New Year's Eve we meet friends and neighbours at the Grossard Point boardwalk. Last night was celebrated in the same way.

Here, with a 270° sea view over Western Port Bay and out into Bass Strait, we watched the last of the setting sun, and the 'coming out' of stars, planets and the moon.

Due to Grossard Point's exposed position, wind is often a problem, but this was not the case last night. No breath of wind disturbed the tranquility of the bay. The only sound was the occasional chuckle of a mutton bird as it swooped low before coming in to land in the rookery.

The moon cast a silvery pathway across the bay; so too did the planet Venus.

Sharing this wonder with friends and neighbours was our way of welcoming in 2012.

To all my many friends, all over the world, I wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2012. I have the feeling that 2012 will be a good year, with many positive things happening.

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