Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The rich tapestry of life in and around me: Ph. Is.

Every evening we walk from our house, down a bush track, along the boardwalk that goes over the mutton bird rookery and then, stepping onto the beach, walk for about 1 km to Opal Point. While Del and Major swim, run and play, Doug and I walk, talk and beachcomb.

Every beach walk is the same yet different: every day I see something unusual. Today my treasures included a cowrie, a cone shell,a sea urchin with unusual red spines, and a piece of burnt wood that's been smoothed and moulded by the combined action of rocks, sand and surf.

Coming back up the boardwalk I noticed purplish-red bird droppings splattered on the pine planks -- and then nearby, a seaberry saltbush shrub with its dark red berry-like fruits. Birds had been feasting! I know these are only small things in the scheme of the universe, yet each thing tells me a little more about the rich tapestry of life in and around me.

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