Thursday, December 8, 2011

That rare green flash: Phillip Island

In front of our house, and looking to the north and north-west, we look across Western Port Bay to the low hills of the Mornington Peninsula. To the west, we gaze out into Bass Strait.

The view expands 180°, with the western portion taking about one quarter of the total sea view. When the sun sets over Bass Strait -- which it does at this time of the year -- we keep a look out for the rare green flash of light that occurs a split second after the sun disappears below the sea horizon. We see it about once every year -- if we're lucky.

Last night we didn't see the green flash, but I did take a series of photos of the sunset to share with you.

When putting on the photos I forgot that the first goes at the bottom, so please look from the bottom up to get the proper sequence.

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