Saturday, December 17, 2011

Going Solar: on Phillip Island

This weekend we took the plunge and arranged to have 14 solar panels installed on our roof, here on Phillip Island.

A 2-man team put up the panels on Saturday, and an inspector gave the okay several hours later. At present -- and until a new meter is installed -- electricity generated from our 3kW system only offsets electricity we are using at the time.

There's plenty of sun here on the island, so we consider that solar panels are a worthwhile investment. Alternative energy is a concept we believe in. Also, we consider it's cost effective, long term -- especially since electricity prices continue to escalate.

Doug enjoys looking at the inverter, located on a wall, which shows how much power is being produced at the present time; the total power produced for the day; and the total power produced since in installation.

I look forward to the time when we'll be credited for the electricity we put into the grid; when the new meter is installed.


  1. How is the system going? Which company installed for you?

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