Sunday, December 18, 2011

Survival in extremes of climate: outback Qld and Ph. Is.

When we made the decision to live a 'double life' we realised that a traditional garden was out of the question. We needed low maintenance gardens that could survive six-months of 'neglect'. So the two gardens evolved, and much to my surprise they both look pleasant.

Native trees and shrubs, grass (we organise for this to be cut throughout our absence), succulents, geraniums and rosemary survive in both outback Queensland and on Phillip Island.

Most of our succulents survive salt winds and frost, with no watering whatsoever. Many of the plants in my collection have been given to me by neighbours and friends, or have been collected while we've been travelling. Each has a story, and every time I look at their varied colours, shapes and forms, I'm amazed by their beauty and ability to survive in such extremes of climate.

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