Monday, April 25, 2011

Anzac Day in Yowah 2011 -- followed by opal markets

At 6 a.m. -- in the pitch dark with the only light being a kerosene lantern held by the leader -- a procession of around 50 people left the Bore Head and walked along Harlequin Drive to the Yowah Epitaph and the Community Hall.

While the Australian flag was being raised, six wreaths were placed in remembrance of those who risked and sacrificed their lives on behalf of our nation.

Prayers, hymns, and a short speech; then the playing of the Last Post, one minute of silence, a contribution by local schoolchildren, the Reveille and a prayer for World Peace. To conclude the ceremony the British, Australian and New Zealand National Anthems were played.

Respect and quiet reverence continued as the hush of dawn changed into the blue sky and sunshine so typical of Yowah. To conclude the dawn service, a traditional tot of rum was offered along with tea, coffee and toast -- and of course, conversatio

In the afternoon 15 or so vendors gathered together at the Yowah Community Centre to display and sell the opals they'd mined, cut and polished. Sunshine continued to fall from a cloudless sky, highlighting every sparkle and every colour of every precious gem on display.

I confess we got a bit carried away and bought much more than we intended! However, I'm a great believer in recognizing quality and if affordable buying it, because often you'll never see that quality again, never again have that opportunity.

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