Thursday, April 21, 2011

Frog song in Yowah's opal mining country

An open bore drain runs through Yowah with the water temperature almost too hot to touch. But that doesn't stop frogs living here and causing annoyance to people who don't want frogs or frog excrement in their bathrooms.

Green tree frogs are extraordinarily tame, nestle into your hand and gaze up into your eyes. The chorus of their mating and territorial calls throughout the night is as musical as bird song during the day.

Every day the owners of the Yowah Caravan Park catch the frogs that inhabit the amenities block because they say that most tourists don't like frogs. Over the years Ian reckons he's caught close to 1000 frogs and taken them out to a big dam near the Yowah airstrip.

Ian says he's feeding the fish but I think he's got a well-hidden soft spot for frogs.

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