Friday, April 29, 2011

Yowah Bluff: an ancient land form with a spiritual feel

A late afternoon drive up to the Yowah Bluff was, for me, a spiritual experience. The Bluff itself is untouched, rugged and clothed in amazing trees with massive trunks, twisted limbs, coloured bark and eucalypt-like foliage. To support these huge trees there must be water way up here on the Bluff -- an amazing thought in itself.

On the way up to the Bluff, man-made rock cairns are scattered throughout the bush. They give an impression of 'beings' of some kind, especially when the rich ochre colours of the rocks that make up their various shapes are captured in late afternoon sun.

The statues are the brainchild of Opal Eddie, who created the first six or so, and now other locals have followed with their own creations. More about Opal Eddie tomorrow!

The escarpment falls away steeply, with expansive views out towards arid yet heavily treed land to the east and south in particular. During our time on The Bluff we saw no one, nor did we hear or see any other vehicle. I get the feeling that this is one of the last places on earth where it's possible to be alone when surrounded by such beauty. This is the place where many special Yowah events are held. It's easy to see why.

Most locals feel a deep affinity to this ancient land form; so massive, so centred. To stand or sit in this ancient place is to experience a profound feeling of well-being; of feeling centred and in tune with the country that continues to give up its treasures in and around us.

Yowah opal: precious and incredibly beautiful is hidden in the layers of rock that make up this ancient place -- in outback Australia.

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