Friday, April 1, 2011

Ten days to go and a cold wind is blowing

With only 10 days left before we leave Phillip Island, I've begun the task of cleaning the house and packing up. This process forces me to take stock of various household duties I've let slip over the past month or so!

During a sunny break this morning, when I saw Stego stumpy-tailed lizard put his head out into the sunshine, I prepared a light meal of banana and zucchini flowers for him. But after one only bite, he said, "No, I'm too cold!" It has to be at least 23°C before he wants to eat, and there also has to be at least a few extra hours warmth for his meal to be digested.

Ripe banana is Stego's favourite food, along with snails, or cat food -- but definitely not fish. After leaving the food out for a few hours I ended up giving Stego's food to Major. Del won't eat banana, she says she's not a lizard!

So, with a cold wind blowing, Stego and I are both well and truly ready to leave southern Victoria and head for outback Queensland.

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