Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Royal Flying Doctor plane could tell a story or two

This Pilatus PC12 single-engined plane services Yowah on a weekly basis, at least.

The Royal Flying Doctor services remote outback stations and communities in Australia, running clinics in outback communities and bringing patients to larger centres for medical help.

With 24 PC12s (and a larger fleet of twin-engined Beechcraft King Airs) in operation throughout Australia, the Royal Flying Doctor Service operates day and night with a team of highly trained pilots, doctors and nurses on board.

For people living in remote areas -- and also for those travelling throughout the outback -- the Royal Flying Doctor Service is an incredibly valuable organisation, giving medical help, confidence and reassurance to those in need.

Whenever I see the Royal Fying Doctor plane coming in to land or taking off, I feel a tug of emotion and a surge of gratitude for the dedication of the team on board.

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