Sunday, May 1, 2011

Opal Eddie from Yowah is a true artist

With a New Zealand background Opal Eddie is one of Yowah's greatest gems.

We were privileged to see his collection of opals and work created from pieces of weathered arid region wood. The combination of opal, wood, copper and sandstone creates magnificent sculptures.

Opal Eddie's collection contains pieces he could never sell -- they are that beautiful, that unique. His home is built using stone and all manner of other interesting materials, and has nooks and crannies where pieces of half-built sculptures wait for that next burst of inspiration.

Eddie drives around town in his 1939 Chev Coupe which he restored from bits and pieces found on stations far and wide. It's his pride and joy.

Generosity of spirit shines through Eddie's work and the unique creations he makes. The stone cairns built on the road up to the Yowah Bluff were his idea, and have taken off to the extent of being a true feature of the town. It was a privilege to meet Opal Eddie.

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