Monday, May 23, 2011

Small steps make a larger whole

Although the majority of my time and thoughts this week have been focused on yet another edit of my memoir Double Life, I'm aware that every step I make contributes to a larger whole. This book has been over three years in the writing, and although I would like to be able to say, It's finished. It's not. Perhaps in another three months I'll be able to say those two lovely words!

Taking steps along the main street of Mitchell brings together the major themes of this small outback town in Queensland, Australia: the community, its river, birds and animals, and history.

An imaginative image of the Maranoa River winds and loops its way along the pavement, with small colourful mosaics set into the concrete in various places -- as shown in the photos.

The footpath, when combined with the many other artistic touches to the town, makes Mitchell what it is today. Unique and a great place in which to live.

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