Saturday, May 14, 2011

Colour contrasts in Mitchell, outback Queensland

Today I've been noticing colour, illuminated by sunshine falling from a cloudless sky.

First was a male red-capped robin who sat on our fence and then flitted around the garden catching insects. The intensity of the red was incredible. Major and Del (German shepherds) are vigilant in keeping cats out of our garden, so the birds are safe -- I hope the news that we are back in Mitchell has travelled around the local bird population. Our inside Siamese, Katie, is not a cat, according to our dogs and is treated with great respect and affection.

Next were two handfuls of brilliant green tree frogs that Doug retrieved from the toilet (the cistern was blocked with frogs!) and relocated outside to a bird water bowl in the garden. No doubt the frogs will be back in the toilet in no time at all -- there is no accounting for taste! Green tree frogs have a reputation for 'homing'.

Last were the trunks of the river red gums across the road and bordering the Maranoa River. In the late afternoon light the trunks and branches were a brilliant silvery-white.

I could go on, but these three colour contrasts in particular captured my attention.

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  1. Makes me miss Mitchell. I love the frogs! I hope you are loving being home Robin xo