Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting' frocked-up' in outback Queensland

The first time I looked at the window display in Poppy's Boutique in Mitchell I thought, I can't imagine clothes like this selling in Mitchell. But I was wrong. Completely wrong.

Getting dressed-up in Mitchell is a sport, of sorts. Any occasion -- and there are an amazing number of events and celebrations -- sees the women 'frock-up' into their best clothes and accessories, and many of these come from Poppy's Boutique.

Katrina Henry, who owns and manages the boutique, is skilled at buying outfits for particular people for particular occasions. Combine that with helpful advice and a friendly manner and you have a very successful business.

Often I hear people admit that they've shopped for clothes in Brisbane only to come home to Mitchell and find something much better at Poppy's.

Located next door to the library and gallery, and over the road from the cafe, Poppy's Boutique is in a good position for either a quick browse or more serious shopping.

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