Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bush sculpture on display in Mitchell

Today was the official opening of Andrew Hughes exhibition of bush sculpture. Displayed in the sculpture courtyard (an outdoor setting behind the Mitchell library and gallery), Andrew's creations sparked a lot of interest and favourable comment.

Using old farm junk such as bits of ploughs, chains, bolts, engine parts and weathered corrugated iron, Andy creates unique pieces of sculpture. His main tool is a welding torch. Here is a man who excels at turning trash into treasure, with help and encouragement from his wife and family.

These sculptures, using recycled materials, are ideal to place in a garden setting. They demonstrate what a keen imagination, a trip to the town dump and a welder can produce.

Open until 9 July, the exhibition is called Menagerie Marvellous Metallic and includes 25 sculptures.

1 comment:

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