Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home in Mitchell, outback Queensland

Today's been a blend of loads of washing, unpacking boxes and having five lots of friends call in to welcome us home to Mitchell. Richard was a great help lifting boxes off the roof of the ute -- followed by a pot of tea and stimulating conversation on the verandah in the sun.

Daphne told me we had 58 inches of rain in Mitchell last year -- the normal rainfall is in the 20s. Consequently, the country looks fantastic: the trees, shrubs and grasses are green and healthy. Add to that, a blue sunny sky and 26°C and I call that close to perfection.

I haven't seen the Maranoa River yet. That is tomorrow's treat. But I have admired the river red gums growing along the banks, especially with the afternoon sun lighting up the white trunks and branches.

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