Monday, May 16, 2011

The Old Crossing over the Maranoa River

Before the road bridge was constructed in Mitchell, all traffic between Brisbane and Charleville crossed the Maranoa River at a natural rocky section of the river, downstream from where the bridge now stands. Concrete -- added to the rocky shelf in more recent times -- makes the crossing more stable now.

Called The Old Crossing this place is steeped in history: Cobb and Co coaches, horse and buggies, camel trains, all these and more crossed the Maranoa River at this point.

In 2010, the river flowed over the crossing throughout the whole year, which is unusual. This place is a favourite haunt of water birds that catch fish as they swirl over the crossing. Boats can be launched from here, and for people who fish or simply enjoy looking for birds, this place is perfect.

Often I see kids catching yabbies, building cubby houses and generally 'mucking about' at the Old Crossing. These children revel in the freedom to explore, take reasonable risks and have fun.

For me, I love the Old Crossing, especially when the reflections of river red gums are mirrored on the surface water. It's a place that breathes history, enjoyment -- and serenity.

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