Friday, May 27, 2011

Native cypress pines and acacias

After spending a lot of time over the summer sketching plants, I had a break of a couple of months due to writing commitments and our move back to Mitchell.

Today, in the company of two friends, I began again. After a frosty start to the day, the sun poured through our windows making the living area a bright, warm sunny place.

The seed case of a white cypress pine was my subject. The native cypress growing in and around Mitchell is widely used as a building material, due to it being termite resistant. Our house is built mainly of cypress pine.

My next subject is the acacia I photographed last week. They say there is an acacia (wattle) species flowering every month of the year, in most places throughout Australia.

The acacias that flower throughout the winter brighten up the bush with their vibrant yellow flowers.

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