Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Felling a bottle tree: Mitchell, outback Queensland

We've been back in Mitchell two weeks today and just about everything is "back to normal".

Today's felling of a dead bottle tree, along with an acacia renowned for dropping limbs was the main work -- followed by a pot of tea and the sun. Richard (our neighbour and friend) and Doug work well together with a lot of amusing banter passing between them, as well as a wide range of topics discussed.

The bottle tree was rotten inside and therefore fell with the lightest of pulls. The trunk, although broad, was incredibly light to pick up and throw into the trailer.

Bottle trees are very much a stamp of outback Queensland and common in and around Mitchell. I love their varied and quaint shapes and sizes.

PS. The photo of the live bottle trees growing in a neighbour's garden are typical of the bottle trees in Mitchell.

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