Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home to Mitchell on the mighty Maranoa River

After 24 days on the road (between Phillip Island in Victoria and Mitchell in Queensland) we've arrived at Mitchell -- thankfully safely and in good spirits.

In our absence, Daphne has cared for our home and garden and has, as usual, done an excellent job. Everything looks great.

Katie (14 year old Siamese) stalked around the house inspecting her old haunts and giving the occasional yowl. Then she had some food, a drink, used her litter tray and settled to sleep on her favourite sheepskin bed. Major and Del were excited to be home and raced around the yard sniffing and wagging their tails. Stego lizard -- well, he was asleep in his carry box where he'll remain until tomorrow.

When we opened the lid of the toilet, there were six of the most exquisitely beautiful green tree frogs to greet us!

While travelling today, I remembered an experience we had at Yowah yesterday. We were talking with an opal miner and he described the discovery of a nest of Yowah nuts, most of which had opalised centres, when cut. His eyes shone as he spoke and I was able to understand the passion people have here in outback Queensland for this unique opal with its ironstone backing. After telling us about the experience he rummaged in the back of his Toyota 4WD and brought out a box which, magician-like, he opened to display one of the nuts. Its beauty drew my breath away.

I'll close now as this has been a long day and I'm tired.

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