Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Migrating seven days ahead of the mutton birds

After 10 days of packing up, cleaning and doing all the other things required to leave our home for six months (including social activities and goodbyes) -- we've left Phillip Island and are heading north to Mitchell in outback Queensland.

In the photo you'll see that the ute is fully loaded. When we left, we felt more organised than ever before. Practice helps, of course, along with sufficient time to do things properly.

At Euroa, rain fell steadily throughout the night and the temperature dropped to cold. But we were snug in our caravan with electric heating and most mod cons.

Katy Siamese travels well on her sheepskin bed in the caravan (and sleeps in my arms at night with her head on my pillow, both at home and in the caravan); and Stego lizard has hibernated in a grass nest within his travel box. This time around we're only carrying three plants; one silky oak and two oolines that Doug grew from seed. We'll plant them in our garden at Mitchell

Our two German shepherds are comfortable on the thick mattress in the back of the ute. This area has additional insulation, airflow and an extra this time -- an extension to the cab air conditioner, to give the dogs cold air on hot days. At night, Major sleeps inside the caravan with us and Del sleeps in the back of the ute, a position she prefers.

Major and Del love the ute and wouldn't dream of wandering off. Usually we stop every two hours to give the dogs water and a lead walk. This routine is, of course, good for us too.

So that's it -- our travelling circus that departed Phillip Island seven days before the mutton birds left on their migration to the Bering Sea near Alaska.

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