Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scrabble is more fun than TV

While travelling, we choose not to have a TV, preferring to play Scrabble, read, talk, write letters, do my blog, listen to the radio and play the guitar. Never do we wonder how we'll fill in a long winter's evening.

Many years ago, while camping in the Flinders Ranges, torrential rain fell for one whole week. Confined to the caravan and ute with two Siamese cats, a Great Dane, Irish setter and Border collie we played a variety of board games. The only problem was that whoever won felt great and the loser, a bit down. In order to remain sane and preserve our marriage, we invented new rules for Scrabble that meant we didn't compete. Rather, we played together, the aim being to use all of the letters in the shortest possible time. To this day, we play Scrabble this way and always enjoy our game.

While travelling through Victoria yesterday we needed to wear woollen jackets, parkers, scarves and gloves -- now, well into New South Wales, the layers have reduced and I'm beginning to thaw.

For the last two nights we've camped at Gilgandra, located on the Castlereagh River. Today was a rest day, and with the sun shining we took our two shepherds for a long walk along the river. Last time we were here (in December) the river was in flood. Today it's a gently flowing water course with river red gums along both sides. The Rotary Caravan Park in Gilgandra is famous for its garden like setting and magnificent trees.

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