Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday in outback Queensland

A meal of fish and chips was served at the local Yowah General Store: Good Friday, 2011.

People with gluten intolerance were catered for too.. My barramundi was plain, grilled -- and delicious.

A golden glow in the western sky suggests that tomorrow will be as fine and hot as today. We haven't found opal of any worth -- yet -- but we're having fun looking. Meanwhile we're meeting friendly and eccentric people, as well as exploring the town and arid countryside surrounding it.

Our camp site includes two leopard wood trees (with dramatic spotted bark), and a wealth of birdlife. We've seen families of warblers for the first time. Apparently a family group (6 to 8 warblers) builds a communal nest like Happy Jacks and all crowd in there to sleep at night. Like the Happy Jacks, warblers raise their chicks as a community. Perhaps this harsh environment is responsible.

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