Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Major Mitchell cockatoos at our Yowah camp

Our camp here at Yowah is close to being a true bush camp, yet with the advantage of power and water laid on. We plan to stay here for about one week; consequently we've set up a more permanent camp, done a few huge loads of washing and explored the country within walking distance of this small outback opal mining town

The highlight today has been a family of Major Mitchell cockatoos feeding on paddy melons only a few metres from our camp. Never before have we seen Major Mitchells in the wild, and to have them come three times in one day has been amazing. What fabulous crests they have, especially when raised and caught in the last rays of afternoon sunshine.

As you know, I love connecting things. The fact that Mitchell is home to us; that we have a dog called Major Mitchell (because he was born and bred in Mitchell); and that we've been visited by a family of wild Major Mitchell cockatoos is, for me, a series of lovely connections.

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