Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mountains of seaweed: compost and fun

'Mountains' of seaweed provide an adventure playground for our dogs. Sometimes waste-deep, this seaweed is Nature's compost, the nutrients of which wash back into the sea to feed all the plants and animals growing in Western Port Bay.

In a playful mood, Major loves to dive headfirst into a heap of seaweed, and then use his head to toss the sea grass into the air. Another game involves me sitting on top of a 'mountain' of seaweed, and then Major digging a hole beneath me, thereby undermining my seat.

I've also watched groups of children create all manner of cubby houses, castles and moats within large banks of sea grass washed up on to the sand.

Most of the seaweed that forms large masses is sea grass, which grows in the shallows of Western Port Bay. This seaweed is an excellent source of nutrients and mulch for vegetable gardens on Phillip Island.

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