Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Parkes Radio Telescope

The Dish Cafe is a favourite stopover for coffee and lunch, with the menu including Celestial Chicken Wrap, and Cosmic Caesar Salad, amongst other things.

Sipping a strong long black coffee, while watching The Dish rotate slowly brought to mind other galaxies and all the things we are yet to learn about our place in the universe.

"If you imagine The Dish as the Sun, the Earth would be the size of an apple located 6 km away." This is today's Food for Thought at The Dish Cafe.

Growing in well-tended gardens surrounding the radio telescope are four young apple trees. These have been grown using cuttings from a tree which is a direct descendant of Newton's famous apple tree.

Whenever we visit The Dish I'm reminded of the excellent Australian-made and produced film The Dish -- filmed on site.

Tonight at Gilgandra, we saw our first bottle tree. This is a sign of warmer climates; a sign that we are entering outback territory -- a place we love.

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