Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Olive trees and jade protect our home

Although I'm not superstitious by nature, I like the thought of having a jade plant growing at both our front and back doors. Easy to grow by cutting, my plants go back 40 years to a piece of jade given to me by a special friend.

This one piece has been propagated countless times -- for gifts to other people and also to protect any new home we've moved into. Some people believe that jade brings prosperity; others think it maintains the flow of positive energy throughout the home.

The fact that jade is a small leafed succulent means it grows well over a wide range of climatic regions -- from Phillip Island to Mitchell in outback Queensland.

All my life I've loved olive trees, especially those ancient, gnarled trees I saw growing in and around Assisi, in Italy. I think of olive trees as a symbol of peace, consequently we have one growing in each of our homes. Even though young, each is growing well, and I like to think that in 100 years time they will give pleasure and tranquillity to the people who live on the land where they grow.

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