Monday, June 13, 2011

Camp fire at the Major Mitchell Caravan Park

Looking back to our more primitive origins, a camp fire has always been a welcome source of warmth, light and security. Every caveman had a fire! So, it's not surprising that travellers are drawn to a camp fire, especially when staying in unfamiliar territory.

Here in this arid region of outback Australia, the timbers are dense, slow burning and throw out huge quantities of heat. Mulga, gidgea, desert oak, ironwood, bloodwood, beefwood, brigalow and coolibah -- all make excellent camp fires.

Travellers who stay at the Major Mitchell Caravan Park bring with them a wide variety of talents and skills. Musical instruments of all shapes and sizes provide entertainment, along with singing, bush poetry and stories of outback Australia.

This late afternoon, early evening camp fire in Mitchell provides warmth, light, somewhere to cook your camp oven dinner, and an opportunity to socialise.

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