Friday, June 24, 2011

Maranoa murals tell a story

The murals on the bridge pylons at Mitchell paint a vivid picture of life in this small outback town.

Every time the Maranoa River floods, there is damage to the murals. Mud is no problem as it either washes off or dries to dust and blows away. However, flood debris (in the form of logs and branches) does damage the murals by crashing into the pylons or scraping past.

Nevertheless, most images are still vibrant with colour and meaning. The murals depicting fishing and horse riding show two popular activities. The Royal Flying Doctor mural shows a service that is vital to the outback. Cattle, and the cypress mill are important industries. Bottle trees stamp the area as outback, and an historic image suggests a time when horse and buggies, and Cob and Co coaches were the norm.

Every evening, as Major and I walk over the foot bridge crossing the Maranoa River, past and present merge in a delightful way.

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